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I was buffled as to how could I create a forum functionality on this server, where no server side scripting is allowed. It is my student account at RVCC, and, naturally, they do not let us to go too far so we don't screw the server up. So I was looking for some kind of workaround.

I needed to make the posts saved to the server, and then read from it too. I realized that what I need was a cross domain request, for I could keep temporary files on my dad's server. I read a lot of info on internet, where people insist that Ajax allows to implement those cross-domain requests, but all I managed to make Ajax do was reading the text file from the same server. No matter how I tried, Ajax would not read from a different domain.

So here is a solution that I came up with: I am storing all incoming posts to that other server, simple javascript Location does the trick. Then, while I am at moderating the posts, I upload approved posts to the RVCC server manually. Don't I have to moderate the forum anyway? Once they there, Ajax reads and outputs them on the page. Simple as that, and not very sophisticated either. If there are any suggestions as to the improvement of this technique, I'd appreciate if you post it here.

Ν: Administartor
Well,... not all of that is true any more. The Ajax fetched posts don't get indexed, also Google cache gets hung on the Jquery. So I had to manually insert the posts into the pages. Still functions as a forum, just is not automated as I'd like it to be. I think it's the best I could do.

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