Hello! I′m Mariam Tsilosani. And I love Math!

I don′t believe I just said that! So Nerdy! Well, anyway, I love a lot of other things more than Math, I suppose. But I use to have fun with Math too. So, if anyone asked me what is my Hobby - that would be Math. Because it can′t be shopping, can it? Shopping doesn′t quite qualify as Hobby, does it?

I love logic generally, and clearness of the things. This is probably why of all of the subjects in High School I preferred Math. Especially over those vague things like History, for example. Although Science was Okay, in general, still was not as logical as Math. I hate memorizing, but I can handle devising logical conclusions.

Anyway... on this website I decided to present a tool that I think can be very useful for those who have to deal with the Numerical Systems transformations. Just Click on the Converters link here or elsewhere on the website and enjoy instant conversions. I also provide some links with more detailed information about the algorithms and web-techniques used and problems that I encountered as I was developing the site: Difficulties.